Unit features
Handpieces tubing with 4 holes (3pcs)
3-way syringe with tubing (1pc)
Central suction system
Clean water with bottle system
Porcelain cuspidor bowl
Dentist’s touch pad control
Assistant’s touch pad control
Operating arm &light (1pc)
Foot controller (1pc)
Stool (1pc)
Chair features
Electric chair with 24V import driven
Rotating armrest left and right
Suitable for adult or children headrest
Foot control & auto return function
Three programmable positions
Rinsing position
Seat tiling synchronized with inclination of backrest
Seamless upholstery
Handpieces tubing with 2 holes(3pcs)
 other Turbine
Airmotor or Micromotor with straight &contra-angle handpiece
Built-in ultrasonic scaler
Built-in curing light
Built-in intraoral camera
X-ray film viewer
Air suction with filter
Saliva ejector
Water heater system
Single armrest
Assistant’s stool