Use the intermational advanced technology, high-effciency, clear imaging LoW leak radial, is only % of national standard;

Light touched button, controled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the exposue parameter, cibvebuebt  fast and accurately;

Developing in light room, image in one minute, the doctor can diagnose conveniently for maximum;

Pneumatic up-down seat, more convenient and more comfortable;

It is for the use of the digital imaging system of mouth.


Power supply:               AC: 220V±10%, 50Hz,1KVA

Tube voltage:                 60kVp

Tube current:                 8mA

Focus size:                   1.5mm

Total filtration:                2.5mmAL

Exposure time:              0.2 - 4sec

Leak radiation:               Outside one meter ≤ 0.002mGy/h

                                    (National standard: 0.25mGy/h)

Optional:                       Tube current: 0.5mA Focus size: 0.8mm