The product is designed for head, neck, throax and abdomen, perineum as well as gynecology and obstetrics,orthopaedics and so on operations. The table's elevation, lowering, reversed trendelenburg; trendelenburg, lateral tilt are all automatically controlled by the Button,the back section elevation is controlled by high pressure gas jar. It can be adjusted easily.The airproof base is dustproof, waterpr-oof and stable, its model is easy for doctor to near the parient, and reduces the doctor's weary. The table is made of high-strength synthetic boards, it can penetrate the X-ray, it is advantageous for the perspective and the photography, it also can be used with C-arm.
Specifications: Length 2100mm Max Height :1050mm
Width :500mm Min Height: 750mm
Adjust ≥300mm    
Main Function and date: Reversed Trendelenburg ≥25°
 Back Section Raised From the Horizontal ≥60°
Trendelenburg ≥15°
Back Section Lowered From the Horizontal ≥30°
Lateral Tilt ≥15°
 Leg section Lowered from the Horizontal ≥90°
Head Section Raised from the Horizontal ≥45°
 Leg section Opened ≥90°
Head Section lowered from the Horizontal ≥90