Electric operating Table was exploited independently by our company with innovative and advanced technologies introduced from domestic and overseas. This table can be used in almost all kinds of operation including orthopedics,otology,gynaecotokology,urinology ect.It is a world leading product.
  This table is composed by electric Hydraulic pressure system,Control circuit and X-ray transmissive head section. Full function, easy adjustment, with the help of C-arm, the table can be more capable for any operation. The back section is made form five parts, which can be easily adjusted for different operations suchas neck, lumber and chine operations. With the good performance, you will find it is a perfect operation equipment.
Length 2000mm
Max Height 750~1000mm
Width 500mm
Adjust 500mm
Main Function and date:
 Reversed Trendelenburg ≥25°
 Folds Downward of back Section's Foreside ≥15°
Trendelenburg ≥25°
Folds Upward of back Section's Lower part ≥45°
Latera Tilt ≥20°
Folds Downward of back Section's Lower part ≥15°
Folds Upward of Head Section ≥35°
 Folds Downward of Leg section ≥90°
Folds Downward of Head Section ≥90°
Eversion Leg section ≥90°
Folds Upward of back Section's Foreside ≥45°
Supply AC 220V±10%,50HZ