Electric Operating Table is suitable for surgical. The tabletop's raising,lowering,backward and forward movements,lateral movement are all conducted electrically and controlled by buttons. (But, it is conducted manpower of the Model it's backward and forward movements,lateral movement.)Pillar side is put.
   Electric Operating Table is made up of the tabletop,the main part,the electric controlling part and the accessories, etc.The tabletop can be moved backward and forward,lateral movement on the main if necessary. The distance of moved backward is longer than 400mm.the distance of moved lateral is longer than 120mm.The tablehop is made of engineering plastic,thus X-ray examination of can be carried out on it.
 Dimension of table top
Overall Length 2100±50mm
Table top of from floor
Min Height 700±30mm
Width 520±25mm Ranse of movements
 Backward and forward movements ≥400mm
Table top of from floor 
Throw of tabletop 200±20mm lateral movement ≥120mm