The rotation speed, temperature, time and LED or LCE display are controlled by Microprocessor.
The AC brushless motor with frequency conversion has high start torque and short acceleration and deceleration time.
The protective functions of electronic door interlock, over-speed, over-temperature for safe operation; Have 3 tiers of protection cover for the safety of human and instrument.
With many kinds of rotors for convenient use.
The imported refrigeration system without Freon for the purpose of environment protection.
Widely used in radicalization immunity, biochemistry, biologic pharmacy, blood separation and purification.
Max capacity: 4×750ml
Control: Microprocessor control
Display screen: LED / LCE (by user’s choice)
Speed accuracy: ±30r/min
Time range: 1s-99min 59s or continuous
Temperature range: -20℃~40℃
Temperature accuracy: ±1.5℃
Refrigeration system: Non-Freon Refrigeration System
Noise: <65dB(A)
Weight: 120kg
Model:HL535A:Microplate Rotor:4X2X96
Max.speed:4000 r/min
Model:HL535B:Microplate Rotor:2X2X96
Max.speed:4000 r/min