Specification :
Technology     Peltier
Block Capacity       0.2mlx96wells + 0.5mlx77wells
Block Temperature Range      0ï‚°C  99.9ï‚°C
Block Heating Rate 3ï‚°C/s
Block Cooling Rate       2ï‚°C/s
Block Uniformity   ≤  0.2ï‚°C
Block Accuracy      ≤  0.2ï‚°C
Mode of Temperature Control       Sim-Tube & Block Mode
Ramping Rate Adjustable      0.1°C  3ï‚°C
LCD       Large-size Blue LCD
Max. No. of storable programs     125 Typical Programs
Max. No. Of Cycle 99
File Named     Yes
Temp. Increment/Decrement 0.1  10ï‚°C
Time Increment/Decrement  1  60s
Auto Restart  Yes
Hold at 4°C    Forever
Auto Pause     Yes
Running Time Display   Yes
Hot Cover Temperature 105ï‚°C
Height of Cover     Seamless Adjustable
Hot Cover Auto Shut-Off      Yes
Gradient Accuracy ≤ 0.3ï‚°C
Column Uniformity       ≤ 0.3ï‚°C
Temp. Range for Gradient     30ï‚°C  99.9ï‚°C
Temp.Differentail Range       1ï‚°C  30ï‚°C
Gradient Capability       12 Columns (Vertical)
Dimension(Lï‚´Wï‚´H)       315ï‚´240ï‚´275mm
Net Weight     8.8kg
Wide Power Supply Range    110V±10%, 220V±25%, 50/60Hz