Display Mode: 4 digits LED
Lamp: Hamamatsu original L2D2 long life(above 3000 hours) Deuterium Lamp and RoYal long life (above 10000 hours) Halogen-Tungsten Lamp with patent technical Combination
Interface: RS232 Serial
Measurement: 370×440×220mm
Weight: 10Kg
â–²Curny-terner configuration diffraction grating monochromator, non-spherical light source optical path & Precise grid, whole aluminum metal alloy die-castings,patent structure of mirror rack,excellent UV S/N.
â–²Patent combinat Deuterium / Halogen-Tungsten lamp and spectral engery correction system.
â–²With Qualitative-quantitative data processing software package,save/print/output applied to spectrum scanning or timing scanning,etc.
â–²Adopting computerized measuring system,accurate T-A transformation,auto 0% & 100% adjustment,direct concentration readout,concentration factor setting,GOTO λ.
â–²Spacious sample compartment, 4 position cuvette rack, suitable for 1-5 cm optical path rectangular cells.
Wavelength Range:
Wavelength Accuracy:
Wavelength Reproducibility:
Band width:
Photometric Accuracy:
      0.5%(τ) (NBS SRM930D)
Stray Light:           ≤0.2%( (220nm, NaI)
             TRANS: 0-199.9%
Standard Parts List
1. Gold S54 Spectrophotometer
     1 set
2. Power cable                        1 pc
3. Operation Manual
          1 pc
4. Certificate of quality checking
     1 pc
5. Fuses (2 A)
                2 pcs
6. 1cm glass cuvettes
           2 cases
7. 1cm quartz cuvette
          1 case
8. 1cm 4 position cuvette rack
      1 pc
9. Packing list
             2 pcs
10. Qualitative-quantitative data processing software package
Optional Accessories and Spare Parts
1. Fuse
2. pre-aligned UV-VIS combine lamp
3. Glass cuvette 1cm
4. 1cm quartz hermetical cuvette
5. 5cm cuvette rack
(suitable for 1-5cm cuvette)
6. RS-232C Serial cable
7. Praseodymium-neodymium optical filter
8. Holmium oxide optical filter