1 Microprocessor control, 16×2 LCD display
2 Auto zero and auto 100%T adjustment provided
3 Calibration curve can be set up by either measuring or entering up to 10 standards or entering K and B factors directly via the keyboard
4 Parameters can be saved for later use.
5 Up to 10 calibration curves can be stored and edited for user's convenience
6 Data can be printed on an optional desktop printer and can be downloaded to a PC through RS-232
7 PC control provided for more accurate and flexible measurement requirements (optional)
8 Auto-wavelength controls (optional)
Wavelength: 320~1100nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±2.0nm
Wavelength reproducibility: 1nm
Monochromator : Single-beam, C-T type, grating 1200L/mm
Photometric accuracy: ±0.5%T
Photometric reproducibility:   0.3%T
Stray light: 0.1%T ( Na NO2 at 340nm)
Spectral bandwidth: 2nm (1, 2, 4nm optional)
0%T stability
100%T stability: 0.001A/30min (at 500nm, after warming up)
Operation mode: T, A, C, E
Photometric range: -0.3~3A
Display : 16X2 LCD
Detector: Silicon Photodiode
Light source : Tungsten halogen lamp
Power Requirement : 220/110V±10%,50/60HZ
Power consumption:   100W
Dimensions: 530×410×210mm
Net weight :15kg