1.     To measure potential、pH and temperature value;
2.     Novel touching LCD screen;
3.     To select one or more PH buffer solutions to calibrate the meter(provide ten buffer solutions; one point、two point and multi-point calibration(max/mum five point calibration) function;
4.  RS-232 interface which can be connected with Model TP-16 printer to print out measuring results or be connected with computer to communicate with outside;
5.  Protection from electricity cutting off. The stored data and parameters will be kept even if unusual electricity cutting off happens;
6. Measuring results can be stored, deleted, viewed、communicated and printed. It can store up to 200 different data. 
1. Measuring range            pH: (-2.000~18.000) pH
                           MV: (-1999.9~1999.9) mV
                           temperature: (-5.0~105.0) ℃
2. Accuracy of electronic unit    pH: ±0.002pH
                            mV: ±0.03%(FS) ±1 bit
                           temperature: ±0.2℃±1 bit 
3. Accuracy of the meter        pH: ±0.01pH ±1 bi
                            temperature: ±0.3℃±1 bit
4. Range of automatic or manual temperature compensation (-5.0~105.0) ℃
5.Measured solution temperature: (5~60) ℃
6. Electronic input impedance ≥3X1012 W