1. Microprocessor technology and LCD display.
1.     Auto. Temp. Compensation, auto. Calibration and auto. Calculation of percentage theoretical slope of electrodes.
2.     Measurement results can be stored, deleted, searched and printed. It can
Store 50 sets of measurement data.
4. Protection from electricity cutting off.
5. One or two points automatic calibration can be conducted on the meter
with five types of pH buffer solution selected by users.
6. With RS-232 interface for connecting TP-16 printer using DC 1.0 software
of data-collection to communicate with computers.
7. Users can measure the pH value of ultra-pure water, pure water and boiler
Water through adjustment of equipotential point and special electrodes selected.
1.     Measurement range     pH (-2.00-18.00)pH 
MV:(-1999-1999) mV, temperature (0.0-100.0) °C
2. Resolution              pH: 0.01pH, 
MV: 1 mV; 
Temperature: 0.1 °C
3. Accuracy               pH: ±0.01pH
MV: ±1mV (± 1 digit)
Temperature: ±0.3°C (± 1 digit)
4. Stability: ±0.01pH ± 1 digit/3h
5. Temperature compensation range: 0.0-100.0°C.