Light, compact, 5.7 inch screen, printing with 63mm width paper
3 operation mode: Automatic, Manual, Analysis
Automatic measurement and interpretation
Detection and alarm for lead-off, no paper, no battery
Built-in ECG simulator
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording
RS232 port to transmit ECG data
Lead mode: Standard, or European
Build-in help key: Trouble-shooting collections, etc.
Clinical info such as patient ID, name, sex, age, height, weight, and hospital name can be input
Case Storage: more than 150 cases can be saved in an optional SD card.
Saved ECG waveforms replaying, printing or being transmitted to PC
Included as standard accessories
 Patient cable (1 pc)
 Chest electrodes (6 pcs)
 Limb electrodes (4 pcs)
 Grounding cable (1 pc)
 Dust cover (1 pc)
 Paper (1 roll)
 Screwdriver (1 pc)
 Fuse (2 pcs)
 Paper roller (2 pcs)
 Optional at additional cost
 USB Port & Workstation software