A series apparatus takes tap water as water source to produce pure water by mode of electric heating distilling. The water quality conforms to the standard of 《China Pharmacopoeia》(95). With reasonable structure & reliable & easy operating, the product is ideal for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, & labs. Etc.
Main  Characters.
Main Characters
  1. It's all made of high-quality stainless-steel materials & by advanced technology.
  2. Condenser is made of seamless stainless-steel pipes & so with high efficient heating interchange & large water produce.
   3. The immersing electric-heating tube makes high heating effects & long lifespan.
  4. The cooled water returning to the heating drum can save energy
Water Produce: ≥20l/h
Electric Supply: AC380V
Power: 15kw
 Condensation of the steam with beat exchanger is the only most reliable way to get high quality distilled water at present. The stainless distillers produced in our factory is new production, the production
S structure reasonable, operate easy and safety. Console in made from high temperature plastic, can’t scald hands, control part is made of deviding water structure, The product series are made of high grade stainless steel, The water produced from the instrument conforms to the standard of pharmacopoeia (2000edit) The products are applied to medical pharmaceutical ,scientific research, chemical engineering as well as food industry, and thy are ideal equipments for high quality sidtilled water.