Full stainless steel 304
Acid-resistant, alkali proof and corrosion proof
Screw heating system
 Inline type water condenser
High quality redistillation water from boiler steam
The water quality conform with standard of pharmacopoeia(2000edit)
Model   Producing Capacity   Ratio of consume water      Weight         Dimension
HSDYH -50   50L/h               ≤1:14                   90Kg        700×700×1000
HSDYH- 100 100L/h              ≤1:14                   110Kg        700×700×1000
HSDYH -200   200L/h              ≤1:14                  170Kg         920×920×1300
HSDYH -400   400L/h              ≤1:14                   200Kg         920×950×1650