The Electric Absorb Phlegm Apparatus is specially designed for the ejection drainage of Phlegm form the patient. It helps alleviate the pain of patients, especially first aid patients, with blockage of phlegm, The device is capable of ejecting thick phlegm and mucus rapidly, this brings the patient in crisis again to safety.
The product can also be used in the operation room, emergency room ICU, as well as general wards for the purpose of aspiration.
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The negative pressure regulating system can be controlled sleeplessly according to the viscosity of the phlegm and mucus for the selection of required negative pressure value. Normal phlegm aspiration:0.027~0.053(200~400mmHg)Mpa; Maximum negative pressure value for emergency phlegm aspiration:0.08MPa(600mmHg).
The apparatus is equipped with mist filtering and safety device preventing liquid from being sucked into the pump.
The unit features convenient operation, safety in use, low noise, low power consumption, and easy to carry.
Max Vacuum:≥0.08Mpa(600mmHg)
Free air flow≥22L/min
Liquid storage bottle:1000ml×2
Vacuum adjustable range: 0.02~0.08MPa(150~600mmHg)
Noise level:≤60dB(A)
Power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz