Children Absorb Phlegm Unit, with a medium vacuum is designed especially for children to extract various mucus from children's throat and widely used fro emergency treatment, first-aid conditions or center of social medical service.
â… .Feature
Oil-less vacuum source with a piston cylinder, pump needs maintenance free and easy service.
The overflow protection device prevents liquid or solid particles from entering the intermediate tubing; the air filter reduces contamination to the environment.
Compact, lightweight, plastic liquid bottle and unit case, convenient for carrying.
â…¡. Specifications
Max. vacuum:≥0.075MPa(560mmHg)
Adjustable vacuum:0.015Mpa(110mmHg)~Max. vacuum
Flow rate:≥14L/min
Storage bottle:1000mL
Power supply:~220V±10%,50Hz
Input power:110VA