Endoscope Suction Unit is specially designed for using suction of endoscope chamber. It can be used to suck out mucus from stomach and intestines, and many kinds of residual liquid. When endoscope is used in inspecting the stomach and intesties, colon, bronchus, etc, so that it can enhance the resolving power of imaging and the observing clarity. Provided the means of therapy and treatment, to achieve the goal of examine accuracy in various diseases.
â… .Feature
The suction velocity of this product is fast, the control of negative pressure is suitable and difficult to be absorbed by the innewall, thus avoid injuring the soft tissues.
Two steps of suction are available separately used for stomach and intestine examination.
The suction can also be sleeplessly controlled between the maximum and the minimum.
This unit installs the filter to filtrate fog and precaution set to prevent liquid sucking into pump, and the safety set to avoid emerging positive pressure.
The construction of this unit is reasonable, operation is easy, usages is safe, reliable, and possess low noise, save electric consume, remove convenient, save labor.
â…¡. Specifications
Max Vacuum:≥0.085MPa(640mmHg)
Free airflow:≥24L/min
Liquid storage bottle:1500ml ×2
Value of negative pressure at stomach and intestines(for reference only)
Noise level:≤60dB(A)
Power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz