microtome is a new high precision microtome  Computerized microtome . the machine laid more stress on constructional advantage in mechanical-electrical integration, which make machine and electricity perform separately but non interfering .Thus,they reach section's requirements of high precision and high stability.The machine is an ideal product for modern histopathology section because it's sophisticated and stable mechanical construction and excellent drive performance of electric stepping.
Functional Features:
1)it adopted the advanced import actuation system so that can slice the tissues more precisely ,more reliable  and quiet.
2)the LCD display show the slice and trimming thickness ,section counter in chinese and english version.
3) it have special function of sample rebounding .it can avoid the damage due to the attrition between sample and the back of knife so that the slice is more smooth and the life of the knife is more longer .
4) the handweel can be locked in any position to make the section as safe and convenient as possible .
5) the angle between sample and knife can be adjusted freely.
6)the waste bath can be disassembled easily
Technical Data
1) Slice thickness range: 0- 60um
2) Thickness for repairing the tissue slice: 0 - 60um
3) Horizontal displacement of the sample: 50mm
4) Vertical dislocation of the sample: 93mm
5) Sample rebounding: 15um
6) Lowest slice adjusting graduation: 1um
7) Tissue slice adjusting graduation: 1um
8) Slip precision: ± 10%
9) Maximal slice section: 50 x 40mm
10)Dimension: 480
ISO Certified