The unit essentially comprises these components:
-.interior cooling chamber made of stainless steel
-.rotary microtome and motorized course advance/retraction
-.refrigeration unit and electronic control
1.    The cooling unit consists of a heavy duty compressor operating with CFC-free cooling gas to reach - 30°C.
2.    The design and construction takes into consideration easy handling and minimal servicing requirement. The enclosed microtome has connection to external drive and includes anti-roll device. The sliding window is made of dual insulation frost free glass. The spacious cabinet consists of coated sheet metal with the opening at the top. It includes fluorescent lighting and hygienic drainage system. There is a low temperature storage area on the left for up to 10 specimen holders. In addition there is a storage space on the right-hand shelf.
3.    The precision of the microtome gives reproducible sections of 0 - 60 µm in 1 µm step up to 10 µm, 2 µm step up to 20 µm and 5 µm step up to 60 µm.
4.    The specimen table are 22 mm or 35 mm diameter. The maximum specimen size is 50 mm diameter. Stroke of the X-axis is 59 mm. The motorized advance/retraction has a range of 28 mm. The unit uses a rotary microtome with extremely good mechanical stability. The specimen is only going on one direction. The knife carriage is only going one plain. The accessories of the knife holder include the knife holder base and the disposable blade holder, optional the steel knife holder.
5.    The fully automatic controller allows adjustment of temperature in 1°C steps down to - 30°C. The defrost system is automatic and is adjusted by real time clock. The defrost is automatic and freely programmable.
1.    Cryo-plate temperature: -5°C to -45°C
2.    Cryo-probe temperature: -5°C to -30°C
3.    Speed of horizon specimen feeding: 0.8mm/second
4.    Dimensions: height 1065 x length 660 x width 640 mm, Weight: 120 kg
5.    Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V, 60 Hz
6.    Power: 590 W
1 tool bag.
1 operation manual
1 knife 16 cm C-Profile with box
alternatively 1 box with 50 disposable blades
- Additional motor drive for Cryostat
- Additional four castors (mounted)