Double chamber Capacity: 1500ml
Skill characteristics:
1.    Chest drainage consists of plastic chamber A, B & C, frame, hook, kickstand, drainage tube and filler.
2.    All connections in bottle should suffer 35N pulling force in axial direction for 1min without break off or down.
3.    Hook and connections of bottle should be stable and can suffer 40N in hanging direction for 24h without break down.
4.    Max capability of bottle is 1500ml and allows ±5% allowance.
5.    Bottle should be intact with no pore and crack. Chamber A should suffer 50Kpa air pressure for 15s without any leakage.
6.    Bottle is sterilized by EO and should be stored under the condition that RH no less than 80%, with no corrosive gas, shady, desiccative, drafty and clean. Expiration Date of sterile is two years.