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  • chinahcr x-ray film processor chinahcr x-ray film processor
    Open-room operation, small volume noise, simple Operation, safe, fast, and duradle Classlfled as wall m aounted type and desk top type And the former can save pianar space (standard Configuration). The lattre is movable (addlilonalilty Opti
  • chinahcr x-ray unit chinahcr x-ray unit
    shock-proof,fixed anode ,whole-rectified composed head and have both remote controlandhandle control,dependable brake ,stable petformance,easy operation, graceful model and easy movement . SPECIFICATIONS: power supply:220v 10%,50hz ,4kva ou
  • chinahcr 10 dental x-ray unit chinahcr 10 dental x-ray unit
    Use the intermational advanced technology, high-effciency, clear imaging LoW leak radial, is only % of national standard; Light touched button, controled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the exposue parameter, cibvebuebt
  • portable diagnoses x beam machine portable diagnoses x beam machine
    The unit is shock-proof, ray-proof, single-focus and self-rectified X-ray unit. It applies to medical fluoroscopy and radiography on mouth, carity bone, heart, skull as well ascontraceptivering. Specifications: Maximum rating: For fluorosco
  • dental x-ray unit dental x-ray unit
    Advanced x-ray technology, microprocessor-controlled. Touched button, wall mounted, clear imaging, low radiation, High effciency, easy operation and space SPECIFICATIONS: Power supply: AC220v 10%, 50Hz, 1kva Tube voltage: 60kvp Tube current

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