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  • Scalp Vein Set Scalp Vein Set
    Scalp Vein SetNormal type/safety type, soft wings, thin wall cannula large ID, and smooth flow. Color coded wings by size for clear recognition, protective sheath on the tube, easy activation of safety sheath, prevent accidental needle stic
  • Spinal Needle Spinal Needle
    Spinal Needle Transparent hub, easy to observe the cerebrospinal fluid discharge, needle core hub with lock can keep the surface of needle bevel joint well. The needle core with pin allows a good joint of needle edge.
  • Endotracheal Tube Endotracheal Tube
    Endotracheal Tube With Cuff Endotracheal Tube Without Cuff Nasal Preformed Oral Preformed Tracheostomy Tube
  • Bandage Bandage
    Bandage Medical elastic bandage, Woven gauze bandage, , Wateproof tape series
  • Latex T-Drainage Tube Latex T-Drainage Tube
    Latex T-Drainage Tube Fr12Fr14 Fr16Fr18Fr20Fr22Fr24 Fr26Fr28
  • chinahcr Disposable Blood Collection Needles chinahcr Disposable Blood Collection Needles
    Pen type blood collection needle: Latex free, multi-sample needles permit several samples to be taken with a single puncture, sharp smooth edges make penetration painless, easy connection to rubber stoppers.
  • Latex Foley Catheter Latex Foley Catheter
    2-Way Pediatric Features : Made from natural latex, Silicone coated. Length: 270 mm SIZE : 6FR-10FR BALLOON : 3-5ml Rubber Valve

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