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  • Veterinary Needles Veterinary Needles
    Designed for veterinary use, sterile, non toxic, pyrogen free autoclavable, needles and boxes are color-coded for easy identification.
  • Quality Deep Beeswax Foundation Quality Deep Beeswax Foundation
    Add effective component activities. Its color is pure; its taste is sweet and comb divided evenly. It is hard but not brittle; soft but tough; weight not drop and not fall in hot summer; Will build up perfect comb in Spring or Autumn; Worke
  • Metal Sprayer Metal Sprayer
    1)Made of stainless steel body, stainless steel lance and brass nozzle. 2)Range of pressure sprayers with very sturdy construction 3)Used for plant protection, easy to use for spraying pests, weeds and diseased plants. Pest control. 4)Solid
  • Ear Tag Ear Tag
    Plastic ear tag for Sheep, Ox, Cow and Pig. Is made of polyurethane. Features: Good flexibility, Aging resistance, Long life Ear tag applicator, Metal injector, Plastic steel, Milk can, Thermometer, Veterinarian injector pin, Water drinker,
  • Knapsack Sprayer Knapsack Sprayer
    Tank Capacity(L): 18 Working Pressure(Mpa): 0.4-0.5 Net Weight(kg): 3.8 Dimension LxWxH(CM): 40X18.5X61
  • Veterinary Automatic Syringe Veterinary Automatic Syringe
    10ml, 30ml, 50ml Stainless steel
  • Lock Coppera Rectangle Hub Needles Lock Coppera Rectangle Hub Needles
    11mm Copper rectangle hub SUS304 Stainless needles Tri-beveled needles hub rivet connection in five direction Luer Lock Re-usable 1 Dozen per box 14G ~ 27G 1/2~ 2

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