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  •  J-PA106 PH Meter J-PA106 PH Meter
    Characteristics 1/2 LED 2. Automatic or manual temperature 3. Two-points calibration 4. With CE mark  Specifications 1.Measurement range pH (0.00-14.000) pH MV:(-1800 -1800 ) mV Temperature: 0.0-100.0 C 2.Resolution pH:0.0 pH, MV: 1mV; T
  • J-PA105 PH Meter J-PA105 PH Meter
    Characteristics 1. Microprocessor technology and LCD display. 1. Auto. Temp. Compensation, auto. Calibration and auto. Calculation of percentage theoretical slope of electrodes. 2. Measurement results can be stored, deleted, searched and pr
  •  J-PA104 PH Meter J-PA104 PH Meter
    Characteristics 1. Microprocessor technology 2. Electricity cutting off protection, automatic or manual temperature compensation, automatic calibration. 3. Measurement results can be stored, deleted, searched and printed. It can store 50 se
  • J-PA103 PH Meter J-PA103 PH Meter
    Characteristic: 1. To measure potential 、pH and temperature value; 2. Novel touching LCD screen; 3. To select one or more PH buffer solutions to calibrate the meter(provide ten buffer solutions; one point 、two point and multi-point cali
  • J-PA102 analogue pH Meter J-PA102 analogue pH Meter
    Characteristics: 1. Manual temperature compensation 2. two-point calibration Specifications 1. Measurement range PH:(0.00-14.00)pH MV:(-1400 1400)mV 2. Accuracy PH: 0.05PH, mV: 1%(FS) 3. Input Impedance: 3 X10 11 W 4.Temperature Compensatio
  • J-PA101 PH Meter (Digital) J-PA101 PH Meter (Digital)
    CHARACTERISTICS: 1. LCD display 2. Manual temperature compensation 3. two-point calibration 4. Measuring or displaying pH and temp. or mV and temp. simultaneously SPECIFICATIONS: 1. Measurement range pH: (0.00-14.00) pH MV:(-1400 1400) mV 2

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