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  • Computer Microtome Computer Microtome
    Essential Features: 1)It adopted the advanced import actuation system so that can slice the tissues more precisely, more reliable and quiet. 2)The LCD display show the slice and trimming thickness, section counter in Chinese and English ver
  • Bottle Reagent Bottle Reagent
    Narrow or wide mouth polypropene
  • Microscope Microscope
    Viewing Head: Sliding Binocular Head Eyepiece: WF10X Nosepiece: Quadruple Nosepiece Objective: Archromatic Objective 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X Stage: Double layers Mechanical Stage 140X140mm/75X50mm Condenser: Abbe NA1.2 with Iris DiaphragmFilter
  • Microscope Slides Microscope Slides
    Microscope Slides, Microscope Cover Glasses

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