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  • Model:CD-202A Rotary Microtome Model:CD-202A Rotary Microtome
    According to the demands of the vast numbers of consumers, these microtomes are notably improved in outward appearance and precision on the basis of microtome model CD-202. Third generation products, these microtomes provide a high quality
  • Model: CD-1508A(B) Rotary Microtome Model: CD-1508A(B) Rotary Microtome
    The machines have the characteristics of the good stability, high precision, operating easily, working continually and evenly. Technical Data: 1) Slice thickness range: 1-30 m(CD -1508A ), 1-25m(CD-1508B) 2) Least slice adjusting graduation
  • Model: CD-2508 Rotary Microtome Model: CD-2508 Rotary Microtome
    A ccording to the requirements of our customer all around the world.The disposable blade can used directly in this type ,not need disposable blade holder again. The machine have alarm system and the function of automatic defrosting 。It ad
  • HCD-1508R Rotary Microtome HCD-1508R Rotary Microtome
    Adopted the advance technology -Precision Roller Cross Guide. Made of strong alloy steel. Except for slicing of soft tissue, it used particularly to slice hard tissue, such as plastic, fibre, bone, plant, hair. The ideal product for researc
  • Cryostat Cryostat
    Cryostat is a special freezing microtome designed according to the developing of trend of clinical histology and the several decades' experiences of our factory for manufacturing the pathological microtome, and adopted the newest technology
  • ES-A113 Endoscope Suction Unit ES-A113 Endoscope Suction Unit
    Endoscope Suction Unit is specially designed for using suction of endoscope chamber. It can be used to suck out mucus from stomach and intestines, and many kinds of residual liquid. When endoscope is used in inspecting the stomach and intes
  • ES-A112 Gynecology Aspirato ES-A112 Gynecology Aspirato
    Gynecology Aspirator is specially designed for gynecological operation in hospitals and clinics, is a novel transportable medical suction unit, applicable to the artificial abortion of early pregnancy, the extraction foetus when puerpera ch
  • ES-A111 Portable Aspirator ES-A111 Portable Aspirator
    Portable Aspirator is novel, high vacuum, high flow, small-sized medical suction unit. It is able to absorb varied mucus rapidly from body cavity or wound, to satisfy most demands in hospitals and social medical services. â… .Feature Mainte
  •  ES-A110 AC/DC Emergency Aspirator ES-A110 AC/DC Emergency Aspirator
    AC/DC Emergency Aspirator is the latest portable AC/DC suction unit. It is specially used for secretion, blood, vomitus and mucus removal of the patient who have undergone tracheostomy or had the trachea blocked, and for emergency treatment
  •  ES-A109 Children Absorb Phlegm Unit ES-A109 Children Absorb Phlegm Unit
    Children Absorb Phlegm Unit, with a medium vacuum is designed especially for children to extract various mucus from children's throat and widely used fro emergency treatment, first-aid conditions or center of social medical service. â… .Fea

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