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  • Pedals attract machine HYFL40 Pedals attract machine HYFL40
    Pedal suction apparatus mainly used in hospitals of all leveIs for suction of blood, phlegm and other thick liquid during induced abortions and surgical operations. Due to its small size, lightweight and easy operation and it especially fit
  • ES-A113 Endoscope Suction Unit ES-A113 Endoscope Suction Unit
    Endoscope Suction Unit is specially designed for using suction of endoscope chamber. It can be used to suck out mucus from stomach and intestines, and many kinds of residual liquid. When endoscope is used in inspecting the stomach and intes
  • ES-A112 Gynecology Aspirato ES-A112 Gynecology Aspirato
    Gynecology Aspirator is specially designed for gynecological operation in hospitals and clinics, is a novel transportable medical suction unit, applicable to the artificial abortion of early pregnancy, the extraction foetus when puerpera ch
  • ES-A111 Portable Aspirator ES-A111 Portable Aspirator
    Portable Aspirator is novel, high vacuum, high flow, small-sized medical suction unit. It is able to absorb varied mucus rapidly from body cavity or wound, to satisfy most demands in hospitals and social medical services. â… .Feature Mainte
  •  ES-A110 AC/DC Emergency Aspirator ES-A110 AC/DC Emergency Aspirator
    AC/DC Emergency Aspirator is the latest portable AC/DC suction unit. It is specially used for secretion, blood, vomitus and mucus removal of the patient who have undergone tracheostomy or had the trachea blocked, and for emergency treatment
  •  ES-A109 Children Absorb Phlegm Unit ES-A109 Children Absorb Phlegm Unit
    Children Absorb Phlegm Unit, with a medium vacuum is designed especially for children to extract various mucus from children's throat and widely used fro emergency treatment, first-aid conditions or center of social medical service. â… .Fea
  • ES-A108 Electric Absorb Phlegm Apparatus ES-A108 Electric Absorb Phlegm Apparatus
    The Electric Absorb Phlegm Apparatus is specially designed for the ejection drainage of Phlegm form the patient. It helps alleviate the pain of patients, especially first aid patients, with blockage of phlegm, The device is capable of eject
  • ES-A107 Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit ES-A107 Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit
    Portable Absorb Phlegm Unit is the latest High Vacuum/High Flow absorb phlegm unit, and designed for aspirating various mucus such as grume and phlegm from patient's, infants or young children throat. It is widely used for emergency treatme
  •  ES-A106 Pedal Suction Apparatus ES-A106 Pedal Suction Apparatus
    This Pedal Suction Apparatus is mainly used for artificial abortion suction of purulence, phlegm and blood, etc, in surgical operations, and it is especially suitable for the similar uses for medical care at home, It can also be used in the
  • ES-A103 Large Flow Aspirator ES-A103 Large Flow Aspirator
    Large Flow Aspirator is a novel modeling, high vacuum, high flow, and transportable medical suction unit. It is able to absorb varied mucus rapidly from body cavity or wound, especially suitable for use in high capacity suction case. â… .Fe

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