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  • ES-A105 Low-Pressure Suction Apparatus ES-A105 Low-Pressure Suction Apparatus
    Low-Pressure Suction Apparatus model ES-A105 is intended for continuous suction after operation for intestines, stomach and thoracic and celiac cavity or in the Dept. of surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics. â… .Feacture Powered by ele
  •  ES-A104 Electric Suction Apparatus ES-A104 Electric Suction Apparatus
    Electric Suction Apparatus is a high performance suction pump, designed to satisfy the demand for surgical procedures requiring fast suction and large collection capacity, It has a compact construction specialized for minimal space requirem
  • ES-A102 Electric Suction Apparatus ES-A102 Electric Suction Apparatus
    Electric Suction Apparatus is a beauty, high vacuum, high flow and transportable medical suction unit. It is able to absorb varied mucus rapidly from body cavity or wound, to satisfy most demands in operating rooms, wards and so on. â… .Fea
  • ES-A101 Electric Suction Apparatus ES-A101 Electric Suction Apparatus
    Electric Suction Apparatus, intended for extracting various mucus such as purulence, blood and phlegm from body cavity or wound in hospitals or center of social medical service, is a mobile suction unit with a high flow, high vacuum and a n

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