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  • HDCD-9 Ultrathin semi-automatic Microtome HDCD-9 Ultrathin semi-automatic Microtome
    We successful design and complete a new generation of microtome, it integrate the modern and ergonomically design, adopted with our advanced technique, with the excellent performance, it reflect as the characteristic of latest model in Hist
    The unit essentially comprises these components: -.interior cooling chamber made of stainless steel -.rotary microtome and motorized course advance/retraction -.refrigeration unit and electronic control Features: 1. The cooling unit consist
  • Model:CD-2235 Computerized Microtome Model:CD-2235 Computerized Microtome
    microtome is anew high precisionmicrotome Computerized microtome . the machine laid more stress on constructionaladvantage in mechanical-electrical integration, which make machine and electricity perform separately but non interfering .Thus
  • Model: CD-335 Computer Microtome Model: CD-335 Computer Microtome
    A newly developed products, it has adopted internationally advanced design. This microtome is current advanced process example, which have CPU inside. So the customer can operate it easily and conveniently. Essential Features: 1)It adopted
  • Model: CD-202 Rotary Microtome Model: CD-202 Rotary Microtome
    Mainly used in for slicing animal and plant tissue . Technical Data: 1) Slice thickness: 1 - 25 M 2) Lowest slice adjusting graduation: 1 M 3) Maximum slice section: 35 x 25mm 4) Horizontal feed: 35mm 5) Vertical feed: 46mm 6) Dimensions: 3
  • Model:CD-202A Rotary Microtome Model:CD-202A Rotary Microtome
    According to the demands of the vast numbers of consumers, these microtomes are notably improved in outward appearance and precision on the basis of microtome model CD-202. Third generation products, these microtomes provide a high quality
  • Model: CD-1508A(B) Rotary Microtome Model: CD-1508A(B) Rotary Microtome
    The machines have the characteristics of the good stability, high precision, operating easily, working continually and evenly. Technical Data: 1) Slice thickness range: 1-30 m(CD -1508A ), 1-25m(CD-1508B) 2) Least slice adjusting graduation
  • Model: CD-2508 Rotary Microtome Model: CD-2508 Rotary Microtome
    A ccording to the requirements of our customer all around the world.The disposable blade can used directly in this type ,not need disposable blade holder again. The machine have alarm system and the function of automatic defrosting 。It ad
  • HCD-1508R Rotary Microtome HCD-1508R Rotary Microtome
    Adopted the advance technology -Precision Roller Cross Guide. Made of strong alloy steel. Except for slicing of soft tissue, it used particularly to slice hard tissue, such as plastic, fibre, bone, plant, hair. The ideal product for researc
  • Cryostat Cryostat
    Cryostat is a special freezing microtome designed according to the developing of trend of clinical histology and the several decades' experiences of our factory for manufacturing the pathological microtome, and adopted the newest technology

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